FinComp Technologies

T & C

Warranty Conditions

  1. Each product bought from FinComp Technologies is being sold with a 6 month warranty; excluding products with discounts.
  2. Products sold with discounts have maximum a 3 month warranty.
  3. Warranty doesn't cover damages that were caused mechanically or by improper use.
  4. Warranty doesn't cover batteries and notebook's tft screens.
  5. Warranty is only valid when product has a valid warranty sticker.
  6. Warranty period may be extended if client agrees to that. Information about length of warranty period is indicated on an invoice.
  7. FinComp Technologies repairs defective equipment within 14 days, counting from it's receipt date. If FinComp Technologies cannot repair the equipment, product will be swapped.
  8. FinComp Technologies isn't responsible for any data loss which may occur during reparation of equipment.
  9. When equipment is not collected within a month after repair, FinComp Technologies will inform client via telephone or e-mail. If client doesn't collect his / her product within the next month, product will be scrapped.

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